Is your computer not keeping up with your demands? Maybe you’ve got some issues with the screen on your laptop. Whatever issues you are having with your computer in Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Eagan, Prior Lake, Shakopee, and the surrounding areas, Micro Tech Computers can provide you with the right computer fix to get you back to your activities. You may need a virus cleanup, or your keyboard isn’t working right, or you may want to upgrade your hard drive. No matter what computer fix you are after, we can help make things right. Contact us today to learn more.

Files Are Not Lost

We’ve seen it a lot. People think that their hard drive is toast and there is no way that any data could be recovered from it. The truth is that most likely, your files are not lost, but you don’t have the right tools to get access to those files. Bring it to us and we’ll work our magic on this computer fix to retrieve as much as we can off of your old hard drive.

Broken Screens

It happens more often than you think. You are at a coffee shop and when getting up you accidentally push your laptop off the table and it lands on the floor, cracking the screen or bezel. Don’t toss out that laptop, instead call Micro Tech Computers and allow our experienced technicians the chance to deal with this computer fix. We will likely be able to replace the screen and get you back in the action.

Other Computer Fixes

You might have experienced your charging cable port not working. Here again, it doesn’t mean that your laptop is toast, but just needs a little bit of attention to get things back in working order. You may also want to increase your hard drive size, or you may want to upgrade your RAM chips to provide you with more working space for your memory-hogging applications like video editing software.

For any computer fix or enhancement that you may have in Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Eagan, Prior Lake, Shakopee, and the surrounding areas, you only need to make a single call to Micro Tech Computers. Put our experienced technicians to work for you and save time and money by keeping your current laptop or desktop computer working how you need it to.