Your business is not computers, otherwise, you would have been in a computer business. You sell cars, wash windows, or provide accounting or legal services in Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Eagan, Prior Lake, Shakopee, and the surrounding areas. When you need computer IT support, call Micro Tech Computers and put our experienced team to work for your business. You don’t have the time to devote to dealing with small computer tech issues or to maintain your antivirus software versions or a number of other tasks that are important but you don’t have time for. Put us to work for you and give us a call today.

Computer and Network Security

The last thing you want is to have a security breach with your computers. This means that you should not only have security software in place and maintained, but you should also keep your business software up to date, and have other physical means of protecting your computer as well as your network. This is where we can help by taking on these important tasks that will help to keep you and your business on task for growth and taking care of your customers.

Safeguard Your Data

Along with the security of your network and your computers is the protection of the data that your business has. You have more data than you realize that would be desired by the right black hat. Don’t take chances with your data, be sure that it is protected. Not only that but your data should be backed up in a location other than your business location. If your business ever went down, such as from a fire, with your business data backed up off-site you can get back to work quickly with minimal disruptions.

Other Computer IT Support Services

Computer IT support can cover a number of different areas, and that includes some of your peripherals as well, such as your office copier/printer setup, plotter, storage servers, and more. We can also help with your website to ensure that it is protected against hacking, denial of service, and other issues. We can also keep track of the incidents that come up at your business to study and develop long-term solutions to recurring issues from your team. No matter what business you are in, let us handle your computer IT support issues in Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Eagan, Prior Lake, Shakopee, and the surrounding areas. Put Micro Tech Computers and our experience to work at your business by contacting us today.