We Offer Business IT Services in Burnsville, MN and in Surrounding Areas!

We live in a generation where computers have found themselves as an integral part of businesses worldwide. And why not? These instruments are of great help to company owners everywhere in conducting daily tasks and handling sensitive documents. Essentially, computers play an integral role in daily operations and they should always be kept in excellent shape. With that said, there is an increased importance for companies that offer business IT services in areas such as Burnsville, MN. And if you’re from the area, you wouldn’t have to worry about encountering problems with your company’s computers ever again. Why? It’s simple: we are here to prevent that from happening!

 Here at Micro Tech Computers, Inc., we are more than capable of handling any type of issues that involve computers. Founded by skilled and experienced technicians, you can count on us to properly handle and repair all of your hardware and software problems. Our company is renowned for providing business IT services to clients based in Burnsville, MN and surrounding areas. This includes managed networks, on-premise servers, email hosting, data backup, Office 365, data recovery, and troubleshooting services. Aside from that, our service list also includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Windows Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Network design and support
  • Backup strategies
  • Quickbooks / Peachtree
  • Data recovery
  • Virus removal

Not only do we offer such services, we also provide technical support for the following:

Business Computer Services

Micro Tech Computers, Inc. can provide reliable computer services for any size of business. We pride ourselves in offering effective solutions to best serve the needs of your company. If you need an update to your network or a new system to increase productivity, we can provide the required professional technical expertise.

Examples of systems that we support include Windows servers, SQL servers, exchange servers, active directory services, migration, and more.

Network Security and Support

The right type of products can make a significant difference in the efficiency of your business network. You can count on Micro Tech Computers, Inc. to provide you with efficient, affordable, and reliable router installation services for your home or business. We pride ourselves in having extensive knowledge regarding routers and networking, so let us show you what sets our team apart. In addition to that, we have worked with high-end products like Sonic Wall, Zyxel, Enginious, Ubiquity, and Netgear.

Accounting Software and Support

We support accounting products and services for all our business clients, as we are well aware that proper installation and maintenance is vital to reliable operations. Some of the products we work with are listed below.

  • Quickbooks
  • Sage 50
  • Sage Peachtree
  • Sage 360 CRE

Data Backup

Micro Tech Computers, Inc. offers reliable data backup services. We are well aware that protecting data is essential for small businesses and individuals. After all, computers can crash without warning and you need a backup in place to ensure that you will not lose important information.

Data Recovery

We offer both our own in-house services based on years of experience and also referral partners for when the data recovery requires dedicated recovery processes that are proprietary. Such services are often used by the FBI, CIA, and other government entities.

Performing regular backups of your data is the best line of defense against catastrophic data loss. Unfortunately, physical damage, user deletion, and logical hard drive failure (when the firmware, as opposed to the hardware of your hard disk, fails) all pose serious risks to your data and total protection isn’t always possible.

Attempting to recover data from a damaged hard drive is tedious work; if done wrong, you risk permanently losing your data. Irreversible data loss can be a disaster, especially if you lose mission-critical files for your business or irreplaceable files such as family photos. Do-it-yourself recovery applications exist, but our hard drive recovery services are a safer and more effective way to recover data from damaged hard drives, as well as servers and other devices.

Our services have high success rates and our technicians are trained to recover data from damaged, failing, or corrupted hard drives.

Printer Repair

Do you need a printing solution for your home?

You could always toss out your malfunctioning printer, but where would that leave you? Truth is, we need them, despite their crazy quirks. Here’s a more sensible idea: Pick up the phone, call Micro Tech, and repair that which has failed you.

Here are the top 5 problems we encounter with printers:

  1. Printing is too slow – We can help rev up your printer’s performance and give you tips on how to keep it running more efficiently.
  2. Print jobs are sent to the wrong printer – This mysterious switch can be fixed!
  3. Printing is too light, has lines, is spotty or just looks bad – This could be one or a combination of things. A clogged print head is often times the culprit, but the quality of ink can also be an issue.
  4. My printer says ink cartridge is low, but I know it’s lying – This does happen occasionally, and we can help you reset the printer so it stops telling you fibs.
  5. Slow wireless printer – We can get your wireless printer working to its maximum potential!

Micro Tech Computers will help you evaluate your needs and get you set up with the right tools for the job. From re-manufactured toner cartridges, inkjets, plotters and laser printers to high performance color laser printers, we have a solution for you. As a highly skilled repair force, Micro Tech Computers can service your printer even if you got it somewhere else. You can be confident that we will give you the high quality service you deserve.

Incident Support

Micro Tech Computers, Inc. offers assistance in decrypting crypto-ransomware-affected data. With the rebirth of more sophisticated types of ransomware, it is best to be mindful of what you are accessing on your emails. We strongly recommend that you create backups of your files. But if you haven’t been able to secure a copy of your data, our team is capable of retrieving your files, regardless. We encourage you to file an incident report to us so that we can tackle your concern properly. Once we received your report, our team of experts will analyze the affected unit before proceeding to the decryption process.

Website Services

Our website services include website hosting, website security, moving websites to new hosting, and website assistance. We also do phone and tablet set-up, as well as app training.

We understand how sensitive your business information is and we are dedicated to keeping your data safe. We see to it that all of your documents will be properly handled with the utmost care. In our years of existence, we have had the opportunity to work with many clinics, manufacturing companies, accountants, and various other businesses. Combining our track record with our dedication to the craft, we have worked our way up the ladder to earn the reputation as the premier computer solutions company in the state of Minnesota. With that said, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Let the best in the business provide you with the services that you deserve!

Micro Tech Computers, Inc.: Computer solutions at its finest.