Looking for Computer and IT Solutions in Burnsville, MN?

If you’re looking for a company that offers computer and IT solutions in your area of Burnsville, MN, don’t hesitate to give Micro Tech Computers, Inc. a call today! Rely on us to provide you with the quality services that you need in terms of your PC’s hardware and software. With skilled and experienced professional technicians working for you, you can be confident that all of your computer and network needs will be provided in a quick and accurate manner.

 Of course, we are well aware that there are always two sides of the story. We can tell you all about what we can offer you and the benefits of hiring us, but it’s always better to hear that from people who have experienced it firsthand. Feel free to read what our customers have to say about our company and we’ll let you be the judge. Here are some testimonials and messages from our clients:

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Micro Tech Computers, Inc.
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 11 reviews
byAnonymous onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

"Micro Tech has provided our company with excellent service for years. They make IT and computer related services less stressful and more enjoyable."

byKermit S. onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

I loved your service. You did a great job.It works better than when it was new. Thanks again.

byPatty E. onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

Very helpful during my computer crisis. Highly recommend Micro Tech Computers!

byRochelle J. onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

I have worked with Roman Roberts at Micro Tech Computers for years, as has many people I have referred to them. They do an outstanding job with prompt service, great communication and quality and affordable repair. I highly recommend Micro Tech Computers - my job as a real estate agent is dependent upon my laptop and phone in top working condition. When there is a problem, it can be the end of the world! Micro Tech comes to the rescue every time!

byGreg A. onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

My law office has worked with the company for over 18 years. I have been very satisfied with the quality and turnaround time for repair, virus removal and purchases of new computer they configured for the office. They will work at the office or I drop of the computer. All questions are answered and their knowledge is the best in the business. I feel fortunate to have become acquainted with their business and the staff. Each and everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and works with my office to resolve any computer issues. I highly recommend them.

byBruce D. onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

I have used Micro Tech for a number of years and have never been disappointed by their service or results. When we have problems they are able to address them timely. If there are ever any issues afterwards they are always dealt with to our satisfaction. I have been solicited by many companies to offer similar services and I have no reason to change. I would highly recommend Micro Tech.

byColby Wilkins, Controller RC Smith Company onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

We have used MicroTech as a PC vendor for ten years They are knowledgeable ,do good work quickly and at a reasonable price. It is very nice and most unusual to have a vendor who is right, fast and reasonable. When we need help we call Micro Tech.

byCarole M. onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

Intelligent, honest and practical help with my computer needs. I got the straight scoop here. They get it and want to help.

byJeff M. onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

Lon at Micro Tech always hit it out of the park for us! Doesn’t matter if it's a repair or setting up a new machine for us these guys do it right every time on time. No disappointments here! I would recommend these guys all day long.

byDan D. onMicro Tech Computers, Inc.

I highly recommend Micro Tech Computers to anyone needing computer service. I have used them many times and they have always exceeded my expectations. The most recent occurrence was because of a hard disk crash on my wife's computer. While we had backed up the most critical information, there was a lot of less than critical things that we wanted to have back. Micro Tech did the job at a fraction of the cost of many other companies.

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