We Provide Reliable Computer Repair in Shakopee, MN

Let’s face it, you’re here because you are in need of efficient computer repair around Shakopee, MN. Well, we have the solution for you! Here at Micro Tech Computers, Inc., we provide a wide variety of computer-related services so you don’t have to go through the effort of crossing the Minnesota River to look for a decent-enough repair specialist. With us, it’s as easy as giving us a call.

Micro Tech Computers, Inc. owner, Lon, has been in the computer industry since 1983. His experience with computers has spanned the floppy drives to the modern day USB. Garnering that much experience throughout the years, he ensures that every unit they handle will be taken care of. You don’t have to worry about back jobs and hidden defects as they are detail oriented. Every fault, every possible channel of error will be thoroughly checked, cleaned, or replaced to keep your unit running smoothly for years to come.

And if you think that’s the end of it, you are mistaken. We offer not 7, not a week, not even a month, but a 90-day warranty for our services! If your unit somehow breaks down again during a period of 3 months, please let us know and we’ll inspect and replace any component we have used (if identified to be ours). Yes! Unlike some companies who do not provide any warranty for their materials and services, we go the extra mile to make sure your investment is worth it. Where else can you find a company that puts their clients first? No other than Micro Tech Computers, Inc.

Don’t settle for a company who prolongs the fix, partner with Micro Tech Computers, Inc. and we’ll make sure to have it accomplished as soon as possible. For inquiries or concerns, give us a call and we’ll gladly help you out. Remember, quality services and treatment are our priority. So contact Micro Tech Computers, Inc. today for the most convenient computer services in Shakopee.